Birth Year:1996

G.J. Mr. Bean
1996 Grey-Dun gelding -

Mr. Bean was our first donkey and started us on our path.  He consistently stamps his foals with pretty heads & engaging, trainable personalities. After giving as a selection of lovely foals, Mr. Bean has now retired from breeding and will be living out his life as a gelding! It was a hard decison to make, but we felt that he would have a better quality of life this way. He has recovered nicely from his operation and is just as lively and full of "Beans" as ever!!

G.G. Huckleberry

G.G. Rosie

Peek-A- Boo
2007 Gray Jack -
WV Mystic Bean
2006 Gray Jennet -
WV Ginny Bean
2004 brown jennet -
WV Aladdin
2004 Gelding -
WV Cocoa Bean
2003 Gelding -
WV Jasmine Jewel
2003 Jennet -
WV Jelly Bean
2002 Jennet -
Jelly Bean is a pretty jennet that unfortunately has not been able to conceive. She is friendly and is easy to...Read More>
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