Donkeys Sold
Anton's Chocolate Sweetie Of Beavercreek - 1990 Dark Brown Jennet
Sweetie is the tiny Jennet with the long name & lon...Read More>
Big River Black Sapphire - Eye catching black jennet
We considered ourselves lucky to be able to purchase Sa...Read More>
Braying Hills Gallager -
We are pleased to add this stunning bright red jack to ...Read More>
Braying Hills Thunderbolt -
Oak Stables Assets is pleased to welcome Braying Hills ...Read More>
Circle C Bonfire - 2006 Jennet
Bonfire was born in 2006 by Red Lightening out of K-an-...Read More>
Circle C Dynamite Red - Dynamic & red!
We think Dynamite Red has the potential to be a top per...Read More>
Circle C Favourite - 2005 Black Jennet
Favourite is indeed a "favourite"!  We look forward to ...Read More>
Circle C Moon Beam - 2006 Jennet
Moon Beam was born in 2006 by Red Lightening out of Har...Read More>
Circle C Mr. Jackson - 2004 Gelding
Jackson is a lovely light sorrel colour & has a ver...Read More>
Circle C Nipper - 2004 Gelding
Nipper is a charming small gray gelding with excellent ...Read More>
Clovelly's Lady Josephine - Josie is a star & she knows it!
She is a very striking sorrel with flashy leg garters. ...Read More>
Cracker Jack of Heavenly Touched - 1998 Gray Gelding
Crackers is a flashy, strongly built gelding with a gre...Read More>
Hansen's Polka Dot - Pokey is so special!
Pokey is so special with her lovely markings & supe...Read More>
Harvest Moon of Circle C - 1996 Rose-Dun Jennet
We've been pleased to acquire Harvest Moon. She is a ro...Read More>
K-an-K Shadaisy -
Shadaisy is an extremely appealing bright sorrel jennet...Read More>
KKR Solo Dreamz - our new junior herd sire
...Read More>
LH Eboney Rose -
We are very happy to add Eboney Rose to our band of jen...Read More>
LN Pretty Miss Pitch - 2000 Black Jennet
Missy is a beautiful true black Jennet with a gentle, l...Read More>
MGF Husker's Premium Blend - new sorrel bloodlines!
...Read More>
MJB Forest - Rocky II Charity Gelding
Forest was the Charity Donkey at the 2008 Rocky Mountai...Read More>
MJB Midnight Silhouette - a beautiful black jennet
We were fortunate to purchase Midnight at the 2008 Colo...Read More>
Stonegate Acres De Javu -
De Javu is a striking light gray jennet with jet black ...Read More>
TDC Mocha - 2002 Dark Brown Jennet
Mocha is a very elegant Jennet with a black nose & ...Read More>
Valiant Miss Natalie Coal - 1999 Jennet
We were thrilled to add Natalie to our herd.  She is a ...Read More>
WV Almost Midnight -
Almost Midnight is a gorgeous dark jennet with an extre...Read More>
WV Black Velvet -
Black Velvet is an untraced true black NLP jennet who h...Read More>
WV Blondie - Already a favorite!
Blondie is so gorgeous! She could make anyone's heart m...Read More>
WV Briar Rose -
Finally a jennet from Bonfire!
Bonfire always gives us beautiful foals, including one ...Read More>
WV Canadian Idol - 2007 Dark Brown Jack
This little fellow is going to be quite stocky & al...Read More>
WV Charmin' Billy -
Definitely a charming young man!
Billy made his appearance on Easter Monday 2010. His na...Read More>
WV Cinnamon Heart - Stunning jennet
...Read More>
WV Dark Hawk - lively and fun!
Dark Hawk was named after a famous race horse, since he...Read More>
WV Downtown Brown - Definitely special!!
This little fellow is a character and full of fun! He i...Read More>
WV Ezekial - 2006 Gelding
Ezekial is a strikingly pretty true black gelding out o...Read More>
WV Fantasia - another daughter for Remmington
WV Fantasia is Camellia's second foal and she is beauti...Read More>
WV Fire Ball - Flame red and tiny boy!
This foal is the result of a cross that I intend to rep...Read More>
WV Fortune - aka "Lucky"
This cross between MGF Husker's Premium Blend (Elvis) a...Read More>
WV Frappuchino - pretty brown jennet
Frappuchino is Mocha's third foal and we are pleased to...Read More>
WV Ginger Fox - Bright and ready for action!
Ginger Fox was born totally inquisitive and looking for...Read More>
WV Gunsmoke -
sweet little jennet
I am very pleased to present a rare daughter of Circle ...Read More>
WV Irish Lily -
Lily is a delightful black daughter of Circle C Remming...Read More>
WV Jagger - Handsome black jack.
...Read More>
WV Jelly Bean - 2002 Jennet
Jelly Bean is a pretty jennet that unfortunately has no...Read More>
WV Jemimah - Jemimah is a lovely brown jennet.
Jemimah is a lovely brown jennet with interesting blood...Read More>
WV King Coal - flashy black gelding
King Coal was born loving people! He is extremely frien...Read More>
WV Kismet -
Kismet is a very friendly and outgoing foal. She was bo...Read More>
WV Lady Bug - Small. black, perfect!
Lady Bug is a gorgeous little jennet that I am only wil...Read More>
WV Lionheart - stunning sorrel jack
Lionheart is very reminiscent of his Champion sire with...Read More>
WV Nathaniel -
This pairing has resulted in a beautiful foal with a ve...Read More>
WV Penny Lane - stunning sorrel jennet!
Another gorgeous sorrel daughter for K-an-K Shadaisy an...Read More>
WV Plum Perfect - Perfect in every way!
Gorgeous and tiny jennet. A first foal for WV Tiara. I ...Read More>
WV Priceless - Amazing and special!
This was the long anticipated foal of Circle C Priscill...Read More>
WV Ramblin' Rose - 2008 brown/black jennet
This little jennet's pedigree boasts many well known &a...Read More>
WV Red Fez -
This little fellow is so cute with his copper coloured ...Read More>
WV Red Ruffles - lovely red jennet
Red Ruffles is the first foal for our Red Lightening da...Read More>
WV Ruby Begonia - 1987 Gray-Dun Jennet
Ruby is very special to us!  Although of untraced ...Read More>
WV Ruby Slippers - stunnning sorrel jennet
...Read More>
WV Ruby Slippers - a gorgeous sorrel jennet
Ruby is a true delight from her lovely dished face, ric...Read More>
WV Ruby Tuesday - Caprivating red head
Born on a Tuesday afternoon, I knew exactly what to nam...Read More>
WV Sirius Black - possible future herd sire!
We are really pleased with this foal! So far he appears...Read More>
WV Snap Dragon -
Tiny and perfect!
This little guy is a beauty with his glowing red coat a...Read More>
WV Solitaire - dark and gorgeous!
Missy never disappoints us- every foal she produces is ...Read More>
WV Special Ed - Eddie is a special boy!
Camellia always gives us a very special foal and we tho...Read More>
WV Spice Girl - Small, beautiful sorrel jennet
...Read More>
WV Spiderman - tiny dark jack
A lovely tiny dark jack foal for Ass-Pirin Acres Fedora...Read More>
WV Spotless - Tiny dark brown jack
MGF Double Times first foal, sired by WV Raisin Cain ar...Read More>
WV Springsteen - black and gorgeous!
Natalie always gives us wonderful foals and this fellow...Read More>
WV Star Bright - A brand new shiny star!
This is Raisin Cain's second daughter & we couldn't...Read More>
WV Starfire - One of our best!
One day perhaps Bonfire will give us a jennet foal just...Read More>
WV Thunder Cee -
Thunder Cee is Circle C Favourite's first foal and we w...Read More>
WV Tiger Too - gorgeous color and markings!
This baby definitely has the "wow" factor and plenty of...Read More>
WV Toque -
Toque was born totally unexpectedly- almost 6 weeks ear...Read More>
WV Trick Or Treat -
"Trixie" is our Halloween baby and what a beautiful bab...Read More>
WV Unbelievable - long awaited daughter for Curly!
This is the result of the first time matching of K-an-K...Read More>
WV Wizard - a fancy fellow
This sturdy little jack has enough quality to be a pote...Read More>
WV Wonderful - A wonderful addition!
This is definitely a cross that we will repeat! LN Pret...Read More>
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