Miniature Jennets
Ass-Pirin Acres Fedora - beautiful black jennet
It was an exciting moment when we bid on & won this...Read More>
Berry Ridge Cassie - pretty black jennet
We were very happy to be able to purchase Cassie at the...Read More>
Circle C Bonfire - 2006 Jennet
Bonfire was born inĀ 2006 by Red Lightening out of K-an-...Read More>
Circle C Priscilla - 2005 Jennet
A lovely bright sorrel Jennet with lots of potential!&n...Read More>
Hooves Etc. Bird Of Paradise - Another red head!
Since I have admired MGF RJ I had always hoped to event...Read More>
MGF Double Time - flashy spotted jennet
I have been wanting a spotted jennet to add to our herd...Read More>
Windy Passture's Eye Candy -
As soon as we saw this beautiful red head we knew we ha...Read More>
WV Blondie - Already a favorite!
Blondie is so gorgeous! She could make anyone's heart m...Read More>
WV Briar Rose -
Finally a jennet from Bonfire!
Bonfire always gives us beautiful foals, including one ...Read More>
WV Dragonfly - Just what I wanted!
Dragonfly is Fedora's second foal by WV Raisin Cain and...Read More>
WV Gunsmoke -
sweet little jennet
I am very pleased to present a rare daughter of Circle ...Read More>
WV Lady Bug - Small. black, perfect!
Lady Bug is a gorgeous little jennet that I am only wil...Read More>
WV Misty - our first spotted foal!
This stunning jennet is a keeper! I fell in love at fir...Read More>
WV Nutmeg -
Very dark red jennet
Another lovely daughter for Circle C Priscilla, this ti...Read More>
WV Priceless - Amazing and special!
This was the long anticipated foal of Circle C Priscill...Read More>
WV Ruby Slippers - a gorgeous sorrel jennet
Ruby is a true delight from her lovely dished face, ric...Read More>
WV Ruby Tuesday - Caprivating red head
Born on a Tuesday afternoon, I knew exactly what to nam...Read More>
WV Tiara - a keeper!
Jet black, tiny, gorgeous dished face, straight legs- j...Read More>
WV Tiger Lily - a pretty striped pink jennet!
Bit Of Honey kept us waiting for more than a year for t...Read More>
WV Unbelievable - long awaited daughter for Curly!
This is the result of the first time matching of K-an-K...Read More>
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