Birth Year:2002

TDC Mocha
2002 Dark Brown Jennet -

Mocha is a very elegant Jennet with a black nose & beautiful, long, silver-lined ears!

Hulse's Thunder
Hulse's Shadow
Echo Ridge Apache Red
Echo Ridge Jillian
Hulse's Sicily Ann
Hulse's Bucky Angelo
Hulse's Mollenina
Anton's Whoopi of Beavercreek
Anton's Beavercreek Bob
Anton's Maria of Beavercreek
Anton's Edina of Beavercreek

WV Frappuchino
pretty brown jennet -
Frappuchino is Mocha's third foal and we are pleased to have her here! She is an unusal almost tortoise shell ...Read More>
WV Trick Or Treat
"Trixie" is our Halloween baby and what a beautiful baby she is! She was 20" at birth and is a stocky foal wit...Read More>
WV Ezekial
2006 Gelding -
Ezekial is a strikingly pretty true black gelding out of our jennet Mocha.
We decided to keep him & sh...Read More>
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