Birth Year:2004

Circle C Nipper
2004 Gelding -

Nipper is a charming small gray gelding with excellent conformation. He has an inquisitive, willing personality & is enjoying his training. He has really started to come into his own in 2008. At Red Deer he was Reserve Champion Jackpot gelding & followed it up with winning Grand Champion Gelding & Best Of Breed at the Dogwood Donkey Show. He placed second to his stable mate Circle C Canadian Storm in the obstacle Jumping in hand class and right behind Storm again in Coon Jumping at the NMDA show in Eugene, Oregon. Nipper is really fun to take to a show!!

Nipper continues to be a star!! At the 2009 Dogwood Donkey Show he was NMDA Grand Champion Gelding, as well as High Point Gelding and High Point NMDA Green Donkey. He also took part in a unicorn driving demonstration and was the lead donkey. He is proving to be extremely versatile and willing! We have started to drive Nipper as part of a pair and also in a team of four. He is very easy to train and love!

Red Lightening
S.S. Sampson

S.S. Sara

Circle C Forever Diamond II
Circle C Desperado

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