Birth Year:2010
Breeder:Virginia & Bud Allen
Owner:Virginia & Bud Allen

WV Sirius Black
possible future herd sire! -

We are really pleased with this foal! So far he appears to have many of the attributes of a potential breeding jack. His pedigree is stellar, boasting such well known donkeys as Gladybrooke Pitch Dark, Desperado and many of the LN herd. His sire Circle C Remmington has reliably produced beautiful animals with wonderful temperaments and his dam has already produced halter and performance champions, including our own WV Raisin Cain, an athletic and good producing jack himself. Sirius Black was 19" at birth and is jet black with startling white points. He shows signs of having a sturdy build, straight legs and a beautiful head. On top of all these attributes he is one of the friendliest foals that we have had! It will be very interesting to see how he matures.

Circle C Remmington
Circle C Desperado
Circle C Jessica

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