Birth Year:2005

WV Raisin Cain
2005 Black Jack -

Raisin is small, dark & very handsome! We have been looking forward to his first foals and are delighted with them so far!!. Raisin is a talented and athletic donkey that loves to perform! He was a winner at the Big Little Donkey Show in 2007 and won his halter class & several performance classes at the 2008 Dogwood Donkey Show. With his bloodlines & correct conformation we think Raisin has a lot to offer.

This beautiful black jack is turing out to be even more impressive as he matures. At the 2009 Dogwood Donkey Show he was the reserve Grand Champion Jack and won all of the jumping classes that he entered. He was the winner of the Coon Jumping class and cleared 33.5 inches- well over his own height!! His foals, so far have been gorgeous, small and correct!

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