Birth Year:2000

K-an-K Shadaisy

Shadaisy is an extremely appealing bright sorrel jennet that we are expecting great things from. She has already been a good producer & we have kept her Red Lightening daugther in our breeding program.

Circle C Diamond Rio
Little Motown
Oats SF
Mandy SF
My Diamond Of Circle C

Silver Mist of Circle C

Sterling Silver Of Circle C


WV Unbelievable
long awaited daughter for Curly! -
This is the result of the first time matching of K-an-K Shadaisy with Circle C Unforgettable Too and one we wi...Read More>
WV Penny Lane
stunning sorrel jennet! -
Another gorgeous sorrel daughter for K-an-K Shadaisy and Husker's Premium Blend (aka Elvis). This is a super c...Read More>
WV Ruby Slippers
a gorgeous sorrel jennet -
Ruby is a true delight from her lovely dished face, rich red color to her perfectly straight legs! She is the ...Read More>
Circle C Bonfire
2006 Jennet -
Bonfire was born in 2006 by Red Lightening out of K-an-K Shadaisy, a beautiful sorrel jennet with correct conf...Read More>
Circle C Mr. Jackson
2004 Gelding -
Jackson is a lovely light sorrel colour & has a very forward attitude. he has been shown several times wit...Read More>
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