Birth Year:2009
Breeder:Virginia & Wilton Allen
Owner:Virginia & Wilton Allen
Price:private treaty

WV Ruby Slippers
a gorgeous sorrel jennet -

Ruby is a true delight from her lovely dished face, rich red color to her perfectly straight legs! She is the first foal sired by MGF Husker's Premium Blend and her pedigree is as impressive as she is. Her lineage includes The Fireman, Valintino 50, Jack Of Spades, Little Motown and more well known names. Ruby is a strongly built jennet yet very feminine -she was 21" at birth. She has a promising future ahead of her as a show donkey and later as a brood jennet. Buy her before we change our mind!

MGF Husker's Premium Blend
MGF Husker's Pride
MGF Homer
MGF Venus Morgana
MGF Venus Asrenne
The Fireman
MGF Venus Rene
K-an-K Shadaisy
Circle C Diamond Rio
Little Motown
My Diamond Of Circle C
Silver Mist of Circle C

Sterling Silver Of Circle C

WV Ruby Tuesday
Caprivating red head -
Born on a Tuesday afternoon, I knew exactly what to name this lovely sorrel daughter of Ruby Slippers. I had i...Read More>
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